Spain looks to get lorries off problem roads


SPAIN wants to get heavy vehicles off single-lane and busy roads and force them to use toll roads instead.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport plans to force transport lorries to use toll roads instead of conventional roads across the country in an aim to improve road safety and traffic flow in busy areas.

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A €10 million budget will give lorry drivers a 50 per cent discount on toll roads they are forced to take and a 35 per cent discount on stretches they continue to use voluntarily.

Once brought into effect, the measure will affect an estimated 8.7 million lorries, which will be banned from 16 roads and a total of 1,350 kilometres across the country, including stretches of the N-340 coastal road.

Spanish traffic authorities reported a total of 29,447 accidents involving lorries between 2004 and 2009, resulting in 3,265 deaths, 8,425 serious injuries and 32,925 minor injuries, meaning the measure could have a big effect on road safety.


  1. It is very clear to me that Spain is negociating with road’s companys. With this kinds of measures they get people’s money and give it to them in two different ways, by subside and by forcing people to take toll roads. But of course, they are thinking about road safety!


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