Picardo to press ahead

Cordon Press

GIBRALTAR’S Chief Minister Fabian Picardo is to go ahead with a planned speech in Madrid on February 3 despite being stopped from addressing the prestigious Nueva Economia Forum by Spain for “reasons of state”.

Picardo’s invitation was withdrawn following personal instructions by Spain’s Foreign Secretary, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo. He was to deliver a lecture on Britain’s sovereignty over Gibraltar and will now give the same speech to an audience of invited Spanish politicians, journalists and industrialists, many of whom would have attended the Nueva Economia Forum speech.

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The chief minister stated: “The measured, reasonable and democratic views of the elected representatives of the people of Gibraltar cannot be silenced. We will not be deterred. We will prevail in the presentation of our position in our usual respectful and proper manner.

“Anyone who is interested in truly understanding the reality of Gibraltar and the Gibraltarians will have the opportunity of hearing what we have to say in Madrid next week, regardless of the attempts that have been made to stop us.”

Details of Picardo’s address will not be made public until nearer the event.



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