Clean, green election propaganda in Marbella


MARBELLA Council wants to eliminate political posters from the town in the run-up to this year’s elections. 

The town hall intends to propose that its time on the 15 electronic advertising panels spread across the town is shared between parties up for election in the same proportions used to allocate physical advertising space in the past.

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If the electoral board approves the measure, political posters will be banned. Marbella councillor Alicia Jimenez explained: “It would be cleaner and greener.”

The council had planned to propose the measure before the May 24 local elections but decided to present the request to the electoral board now after the Andalucian regional elections were brought forward to March 22.

Another measure aimed to prove Marbella as a so-called smart city regarding elections is a mobile phone app which will allow voters to find out where they go to vote and how to get there. The app will begin to work once the official electoral role is published.


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