Spanish judge, Baltazar Garzon, criticises Google

© orbisswiss / Demotix / Cordon Press.
Sarah Harrison and Judge Baltasar Garzón Real answer the media's questions during the “US/Sweden espionage case against WikiLeaks/Assange” discussion.

ONE of Spain’s most high-profile lawmen has criticised Google for not informing WikiLeaks about US search warrants seeking emails and other personal information from members of its staff. 

Former judge Baltasar Garzon – who is director of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s defence team – said that the warrants issued in 2012 were part of a “fishing expedition” by US authorities against the WikiLeaks website. 

WikiLeaks wants answers from the internet search giant after it handed over personal data of three WikiLeaks journalists to the FBI, but did not inform the controversial website until December 2014, two-and-half years later.


“This action is illegal and unacceptable,” said Mr Garzon, well-known in Spain for investigating high-profile crime and fraud cases. He said it was “an attack on journalism and journalists, especially those working on security issues.” 

WikiLeaks has often published sensitive US government documents relating to security and military actions abroad.


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