Children susceptible to Wi-fi radiation

RADIATION: Children can absorb more from a source than adults.

A CONTROVERSIAL study has called for parents to try and limit their offsprings’ exposure to Wi-fi over fears it could harm their health.

The report, published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultra-structure, claims children absorb more radiation from a source than adults.

It warns foetuses are the most vulnerable of all, and researchers say mothers should not carry mobile phones in their clothing. A paediatric neurologist said that pregnant women deserve to know that wireless radiation can have an impact on the developing brain: “We’re seeing alarming increases in the number of children diagnosed with neuro-logical disorders over the past decade, and anything we can do that might help reduce that rate should be taken very seriously.”


Wi-fi signals use low intensity radio waves, similar in wavelength to domestic microwave radiation. The type of radiation emitted by radio waves (Wi-fi), visible light, microwaves and mobile phones has been shown to raise the temperature of tissue at very high levels of exposure and researchers are divided as to whether this daily radiation can cause damage.


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