Arrested for forcing a minor into begging

Arte Mirarte, Flickr

THREE have been arrested for forcing a minor into begging in Velez-Malaga.

Suspects are two women of 34 and 19 years old and a 35-year-old man, all of them from Romania.

National Police authorities began the investigation when officers at the Velez-Malaga station found out thanks to the citizens, that there was an underage girl begging daily and during the whole day at the front door of a local store.


The girl would arrive in the area in a car driven by a man and a woman, according to the officers, who also found out that the same couple would collect her every night after the store closed.

After the police confirmed that the girl was underage, the two people were located and taken into custody for an alleged crime of exploitation against a minor.

Finally, the legal guardian of the girl was arrested, as her biological parents live in Romania.

The young woman has been taken into a child protection centre.


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