Adoption rate falls in Mallorca


ONLY 34 adoptions were registered in Mallorca in 2014.

The data, provided by the Mallorca Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS), reflect a substantial decrease, from 69 adoptions in 2011.

Applications for adoptions have also dropped dramatically: only 69 in 2014, while the number was 178 in 2011.


International adoptions amounted to 15 of the total for last year. Russian children represent eight of the 15 children adopted in Mallorca from other countries, followed by minors from China, Philippines and India.

Reasons that could explain the fall in adoption numbers are the closing of borders from certain countries, and the stricter terms and requirements from other countries to approve the adoptions.

Particularly noteworthy is the case of China, which now requires prospective parents to have university degrees and high incomes.


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