Don’t drink and drive, get a taxi

Flickr by Marta Diarra

A NEW scheme in Malaga City aims to reduce accidents and drunk driving by offering young party-goers discount vouchers for taxis.

Malaga City Council’s youth department and the Municipal Taxi Institute have begun creating a Bonotaxi Joven voucher programme which aims to encourage young people to use taxis at weekends for nights on the towns and reduce drink-driving.

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The programme, expected to begin in the second half of February, will offer 10,000 Malaga youths the chance to get a taxi home with a €3 discount from the fare.

The aim is to avoid them taking their own cars and driving under the influence, reduce accidents and boost use of taxis at night.

The vouchers will be available directly from popular areas for youths at night, and are limited to one voucher per person per night.

Taxis taking part in the scheme will bear a sticker to allow voucher-holders to locate them with ease.


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