Spain’s list of shame gets improved tax results

Cristobal Montoro: ‘List to be published soon.’

MORE people are paying their taxes in Spain than formerly.

According to Cristobal Montoro, the minister responsible for Spain’s tax authority Hacienda, this stems from the department’s announced plan to publish a list of the biggest non-payers.

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Asked recently when the public could expect to see this list, Montoro replied that the government intends it to appear “very soon.”

Making known the names of tax dodgers was in line with cultivating the public perception that citizens should comply ‘faithfully’ with taxpaying obligations, he added.

Hacienda is also working with the judiciary to make public the names of citizens found guilty of fraud, Montoro said.


  1. We will could be a more prosperous country without all these CHORIZOS!!

    Is a shame have to do a public list, for these people pay regularly their tax.


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