Motril searches for new cemetery

Ayuntamiento de Motril
MOTRIL CEMETERY: Mayor visits in 2013.

MOTRIL in Axarquia is facing a deadly problem. The town is in dire need of a new cemetery, as the existing graveyard only has capacity for about another year and a half, and cannot be extended any further.

The town’s council is putting every effort into getting construction underway on a new one, although it has come to nothing so far.

Three plots of land have been analysed but none of them have proved suitable for the construction of a graveyard.


The first site considered by the town’s council was a 35,000 square metres plot that belonged to the Junta de Andalucia regional government, but was eventually rejected due to its instability and the existence of steep slopes.

The second choice was located in La Nacla, and at 80,000 square metres was certainly big enough. But it was also counted out as it was being used as a debris dump, and the cleaning works would have delayed its availability.

Finally, the third plot, which also belonged to the regional government, has recently been discarded as it is officially considered public forest and the paperwork to turn it into a municipal facility would take too long.

Mayor of the Town, Luisa Garcia Chamorro, who held a meeting with the government representative to discuss the issue said: “They have advised us to find a private land plot, which would have to be paid for by the Council.”


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