City metro aims to run more trains

MALAGA METRO: Peak times need more trains.

MALAGA metro is considering increasing the frequency of trains at peak times to meet demand from students and shoppers.

Metro Malaga, the company in charge of running the service, wants to reduce the seven and a half minute gap between trains, reinforcing the service for university students heading for class first thing in the morning and shoppers heading to and from Vialia shopping centre.

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Fernando Lozano, general director of the company, said: “We’re studying the habits of our clients to adapt ourselves and give a better service.”

Lozano declared that university students made up a large proportion of passengers as travelling by metro cuts their journey time by between 30 and 45 minutes.

Although final figures for last year have not yet been announced, Metro Malaga passed two million passengers, the goal it had set itself for the first five months of service since opening on July 30 last year.

Following the good start, the company estimated about five million passengers for this year.


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