Change of plan

LIGHTHOUSE FUTURE: Javea Town Hall wants a museum rather than a hotel.

PLANS to privatise the Cabo de San Antonio lighthouse would infringe five town planning regulations, according to Javea Town Hall.

The lighthouse is located within Javea’s boundaries and the town hall would prefer it to become a small museum rather than the suggested hotel and multifunction room.

Amongst other irregularities, the hotel would flout a new regional law which regulates zoning policies in rural areas and stipulates the purposes for which buildings and installations may be used. These do not include hotels, which are incompatible with the maintenance, conservation, improvement, development and enhancement of protected resources. Extensions for a hotel would also fall foul of Port Authority regulations, Javea Town Hall has claimed.


Mayor Jose Chulvi has now met Jose Llorca, President of Puertos de España.  He pledged the town hall’s opinions regarding the lighthouse – backed by all political parties – will be ‘relevant’.  This has raised hopes that the project could be halted, Chulvi said.


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