Most chosen baby names in Mallorca


MARIA and Marc are the names most frequently chosen by parents in the Balearic Islands, according to statistics.

The data, provided by the Balearic Institute of Statistics (Ibestat), show that in 2013, 157 baby boys born on the islands were named Marc (2.91 per cent), followed by 106 registered as Pau (1.97) and 102 named Hugo (1.89).

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Amongst the girls, 113 of them were called Maria (2.2 per cent), 102 Julia (1.99) and 100 were named Carla (1.95).

In Mallorca, Marc was the most commonly chosen name for boys, with 123 recorded, and Maria for girls, with 91 registrations (2.25 per cent), resembling the regional trend.


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