Futuristic solar powered yacht

Photo: © Dr Margot Krasojevic
SOLAR POWERED: The Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran yacht from above.

PLANS for a revolutionary new solar powered luxury yacht have been unveiled. The futuristic Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran – designed by architect Margot Krasojevic – can be powered by both the wind and the sun, and at a cost of $15 million (€12.6 million), has been created for Holden Manz wine estate in South Africa.

Combining self-harvested energy, a mast made out of carbon-fibre hydrofoils, and a galactic-like design, the new yacht promises to be one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and eye-catching yacht creations ever.

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The vessel can convert from a racing trimaran into a single-hulled cruising boat with a set of fold-out hydrofoils to lift the hull out of the water for a faster and smoother ride.

Tiny solar cells cover the sail, allowing it to harness the sun’s rays for energy and power.

“The yacht attempts to run self-sufficiently,” Krasojevic told MailOnline. “The smart materials and vacuum formed PVcU cladding is currently being tested for solar efficiency with the aim of starting build in April 2015. The boat transforms from racing multihull trimaran to a cruise boat for leisure and it harnesses renewable energy to run its motors.”

Unique, energy-harnessing projects are a trademark of London-based Krasojevic, who has also designed a floating wine bar in Paris that harnesses natural light, and a ‘jetway hotel’ that can be wheeled to the door of an aircraft.


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