Disney star attracts thousands of mini-fans

Cordon Press
VIOLETTA: young girl fans flock to see the impressive shows

THOUSANDS of young girls waited with bated breath at Martin Carpena stadium in Malaga City for their latest hero Violetta to appear.

Martina Stoessel, the Argentinian actress that plays the Violetta character on a popular Disney Channel series, appeared in Malaga for the second time.

Excited faces and nervous young girls waited with their parents for the show to begin. Eight-year-old Candela explained:  “I’ve been wanting to see her for two years, I really wanted to meet Violetta.”


A few minutes after 8.30pm the concert began with an audiovisual display many world-tours would love to boast and dancers, musicians and actors on stage.

An hour and a half of entertainment where the various characters came in and out without a break singing songs thousands of girls knew and sang from memory, plus dialogues following the story-line of the series.

After flying on a platform to the centre of the Martin Carpena stadium, Martina ended the concert with her hit En Mi Mundo and Libre Soy, the main song from the Spanish version of film Frozen.

Violetta appears to be turning into the new Hannah Montana, with five records on the market, a TV series, a film and hundreds of merchandising items which little girls collect worldwide.



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