Residents say no to the Moll Vell proposal


LOCAL associations, residents and ecologists in Palma have voiced complaints regarding the Port Authority’s urbanisation proposal for the Moll Vell port.

They claim that turning this space into a leisure and business area would force the port traditional activities to be moved to a different place, thus using up more territory.

The Civil Society has demanded the Moll Vell to be a public space, devoted to the enjoyment of all residents.


“The port cannot influence the city, instead, it has to serve it,” said Head of the Architecture School, Jaume Morey, who has shown his outright rejection to this proposal.

In addition, the neighbours association of Palma has also criticised the proposal, as they claimed the Port Authorities’ only goal during the past year has been creating more buildable land in the area, and the ecological group GOB has condemned what they consider the privatisation and gentrification of public spaces related to the sea.


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