Thousands in sign petition to save Mallorca stray cats

© Flickr by Contando Estrelas.
ONLINE PETITION: already signed by 10,000 people to help neglected stray cats.

THOUSANDS of people have signed an online petition calling for better living conditions for a group of stray cats.

In only 96 hours more than 10,000 signed an online petition on which calls for better living conditions for the approximately 30 cats being kept at the Domestic Animals Protection Centre (CEPAD) managed by the Natura Parc zoo in Santa Eugenia.

The authors of the petition have also called upon local authorities, including the Head of the Insular Council of Mallorca, to take measures to put an end to the deplorable state of neglect the cats are in.


“The 36 cats are in an intolerable situation. They are being kept in an inadequate and filthy holding pen,” said Pedro Mena, who wrote the petition. A two-minute video that accompanies it even shows a dead kitten that had gone unnoticed to the Natura Parc zoo staff.

After the video was released, the creators of the petition were banned from entering the zoo to check on the cats. “It is absolutely outrageous,” said Mena.


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