Robbed homeowner arrested for growing marihuana in Can Pastilla

© Photo credit: Guardia Civil.
HOMEOWNER ARRESTED: his decision to go to the police backfired horribly.

A MAN who went to the police asking for help after his house was broken into was arrested for growing marihuana.

It all happened on Calle Tito Livio in Can Pastilla (Platja de Palma). Realising his home had been broken into, the 44-year-old man went straight to the police to lodge a complaint. However, his decision backfired horribly. 

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The police went to investigate and were surprised to stumble upon 38 marihuana plants in one of the rooms of the house. The homeowner even had a sophisticated and expensive ventilation and heating system to give the plants the ideal growing environment.

When asked about the plants, the man admitted to growing them himself, but said they were for his own personal use. The police, however, saw it differently because of the large number of plants they found and the expensive devices he had used to grow them.

He was arrested and now faces charges for crimes against public health.


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