Former Valencia regional chief named in Formula I probe

© Photo credit: Reuters/Cordon Press

PROSECUTORS in Valencia have recommended criminal proceedings against the former president of the region, Francisco Camps.

The investigation concerns Camps’s involvement in the Valencian Grand Prix between 2008 and 2012.

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The Fiscalia (Public Prosecution department) questioned Formula I supremo, Bernie Ecclestone and former officials who were Camps’s trusted advisers.

Camps negotiated directly with Ecclestone and decided that the regional government would meet the cost of organising the Grand Prix, the department said. 

According to documents leaked in 2013, the regional government spent more than €300 million on the race. To this must be added €90 million for building and the €75 million cost of assembling and dismantling it for each race.

A private company, Valmor Sport, was created to stage the race despite lacking sufficient human resources or material and financial infrastructure, the Public Prosecutor maintained.  

Valmor Sport was headed by ex-motorcycle champion Jorge Martinez Aspar, “a personal friend of Camps,” according to a witness cited by the Fiscal. The company failed to pay “even one euro” and neither did the Generalitat ask for payment, said the Prosecution department, which detected misappropriation of funds in the services that Camps asked of Valmor Sport.


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