Tell us your views on the electricity companies in Spain


THE electricity company. Those three words are enough to send the shivers down the spine of many who have been entangled in the red tape often accompanying seemingly simple requests.

The names Endesa, Iberdola or Fenosa are often met with a resigned shrug of the shoulders from old hands in Spain. “What can you do, they are a law unto themselves!” 

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Or maybe that is an outdated view of the utilities that may have been true 20 years ago, but now they are efficient modern enterprises.

Good or bad, we want to hear your views for a special report in the Euro Weekly News. Have you had a diabolical experience with them, or perhaps you have been impressed with a speedy and helpful service?

If so drop us a line and tell us your story at

What about their pricing, do you understand their bills? Can you work out how their charges work? Many people don’t, and we will be doing our best to explain how you can lower your bills, or at least ensure you are not paying too much.


  1. Recently changed from Endesa to Iberdrola. It is a relatively simple process, all managed by Iberdrola in an efficient way. Nothing actually changes at home simply a paper process .Major reason for change, apart from the initial discount offering on consumption, was the poor customer service from Endesa. In the past have rung them only to stuck with music playing and then had the call cut off. Once managed to get through and asked a relatively simple question ( following the introduction of the Smart Meters ) to get a meaningless answer.
    Since I have swopped supplier get regular calls from Endesa trying to “bring me back” with a tantalising discount. They fail to understand price is not everything, customer service actually matters.


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