Spain brings in new vaccinations

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JABS: Babies will receive three doses of pneumococcal vaccines.

THE Spanish National Health System council has approved modifications of the vaccination calendar for children to include pneumococcal vaccines that protect against bacteria that can cause pneumonia and meningitis.

Three doses of the vaccine will be given to babies during their first year, the first at the age of two months, another at four months and the final injection when they reach the age of one.

Health Minister Alfonso Alonso said that having a vaccination calendar for the whole country was a great step forward.


Vaccines against human papilloma virus to protect against cervical cancer have also been brought forward from the age of 14 to 12.

The council also approved regulations to a Strange Disease Register to improve investigation and assistance for the three million people in Spain that suffer from one of 7,000 infrequent illnesses.

The register will keep records of patients to obtain data on how often the illnesses occur and help plan and manage treatment.


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