Dangerous caterpillars invade town of La Linea

© flickr by Jose Maria Escolano
BEWARE: Pine processionary caterpillars can cause nasty allergic reactions.

Pine processionary caterpillars have invaded the town of La Linea. The dangerous caterpillars, which can cause allergic reactions in humans and kill pets, have been spotted in and near pine trees across town.

Worryingly there are many pines near schools, in fact there is even one in Carlos V school playground.

The caterpillars are covered in tiny hairs which irritate skin and can give heavy allergic reactions. In case of contact, it’s important to go to casualty for treatment.


Although the plagues are usually kept under control by spraying insecticides before eggs are laid, once the caterpillars are born, as in the case of La Linea, it is harder to get rid of them.


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