PSOE tackles employment


THE PSOE socialist party candidate for mayor in Almeria and spokesman for the party in Andalucia, Juan Carlos Perez Navas, addressed the issue of employment.

He highlighted the party’s commitment to employment, and social dialogue being undertaken by the community government. Navas, referring to a recent meeting with Susana Diaz, said that the Andalucian government had created more than 40,000 jobs so far.

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He added: “It is expected that in the coming months, along with other plans such as social inclusion, grants and agreements with large companies, we can reach the target of 60,000 jobs created in Andalucia.”

According to Navas, social dialogue is driving the regional government forward, a common goal of the Junta’s president, the PSOE, employers and trade unions. Against this social dialogue is Rajoy, said Navas. He accused Rajoy of “punishing Andalucia with the lack of an employment plan” and approving “a labour reform that favours only the destruction of jobs.”

Navas concluded: “Every day in 2015 is marked in red and that red means creating quality jobs.”


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