Anti-terror airline database planned


SPAIN’S Interior Ministry is to create a database of all airline passengers in a bid to stop jihadists from entering the country.

That is despite the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee saying such a database would be against EU laws.

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Called the Passenger Name Record (PNR) the move shadows measures already put in place by the USA, Canada and Australia.

It will collate data from flight reservations like whether bookings were made online or through an agency and how they were paid for.

It will also flag up if the route booked is one frequently used by terrorists.

Spain will not be alone in ignoring a vote by the committee which declared such a scheme as illegal in April 2013. Another 14 European nations will be setting up the PNR which is seen as an important tool in keeping track of potential terrorists.

Many countries are worried about combat-trained jihadists arriving and spreading conflict into European countries. With their knowledge of arms and explosives they are seen as particularly dangerous.

The Spanish government has already set aside €50 million for the scheme, which it hopes will allow it to stop jihadists and dangerous criminals arriving in the country.



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