Urgent appeal from Paws Patas


ALMERIA animal rescue organisation Paws Patas say they have been forced to return to having cages outside to house sick and abandoned puppies.

In July 2014 they had to protect abandoned puppies from the harsh sunshine. Now the pups have to sleep outside in the freezing night temperatures.

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This is obviously not a good idea and the group says volunteers are doing what they can to make life as bearable as possible for the dogs.

While the sun may shine during the day, temperatures are dropping dramatically at night. Paws Patas urgently need blankets, bedding, old towels and newspapers. Without replacements they will run out very quickly.

If you have any such materials you could donate, please contact Paws Patas as soon as possible on facebook.com/pawspatas, by telephoning 678 490 217, sending an email to pawsenquiries@gmail.com or via their website at www.paws-patas.org   


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