Caves works due for completion

Jonathan Khoo flickr

THE head of the Nerja Caves Foundation, Jorge Hernández Mollar, announced that the renovation works at the entrance to the caves would be completed by the end of February.

This project will move the souvenir shop to the exit of the historic Axarquia site, and the current shop building will be turned into a projection room, where visitors will be able to watch an introduction video before entering the caves. The former souvenir shop will also house the ticket office and reception.

This project will also cover the extension of the Plaza de los Descubridores, emphasising the Torca, which is the place through which the first explorers entered the caves, as well as the reorganisation of traffic in the car park, creating an area for pedestrians beside the botanic garden.


“This project will substantially improve visitors’ transit between the two facilities, making it more comfortable and safe,” said Mollar.


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