A cheeky kiss costs €80

Madrid Emergency Vehicles on flickr

THE police association Pro Guardia Civil has created a video to defend the policy of fining those who get kissed on the cheek while driving.

The controversy was sparked recently, when a woman from Galicia was stopped by two Guardia Civil officers after her partner kissed her innocently on the cheek, resulting in a €80 fine.

“We will not let your life change for a kiss,” says the video. “This news might sound funny to you, or make you think we did it to collect money,” it continues, and goes on to show a group of young people who get involved in a car accident.


The video has been uploaded to different social platforms, and it is aimed at raising awareness amongst the citizens about the dangers of being distracted while driving.

Head of the association, Fernando Ramirez Trejo, has showed his support for the officer who fined the woman in Galicia and said that, even if this situation is not listed in the traffic regulations, it can be considered as an infraction as it is established that drivers have to maintain their attention on the road at all times.

Other punishable distractions are, for instance, looking at a mobile phone or picking up an object from the car’s floor.

On the other hand, the young woman who faces an €80 fine is expecting to be exempted from paying it as she considers the situation to be ‘ridiculous,’ and is waiting for the decision of her home town’s council.



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