Transport strikes very likely

flickr by Xisco Bibiloni

THE worker’s committee of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) thinks reaching an agreement that keeps the organised strikes from happening will be very difficult.

Members of the workers’ committee of EMT in Palma will meet the company’s management to try to reach an agreement regarding the minimum transport services that will be provided during the strikes to be conducted this month.  They criticised the management for not sitting with them at the negotiating table to avoid the strikes.

The first of the strikes is called for Monday January 19 from 8am until 10am and from 7pm until 9pm. Similar strikes will be staged on January 21, 26, 28 and 30, and a day-long strike has been organised for February 3 and 5.


If no agreement is reached by then, an indefinite strike could be called by the trade unions starting on February 9.


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