Dog beach wanted in Denia

Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Malaga
Caption: Denia residents want to enjoy beaches with their pets like dog-owners in other parts of Spain.

DENIA dog-owners continue to call for a “dogs allowed” beach.

Councillor Mari Martinez who is also spokeswoman for the Ciudadanos party, has again asked the town hall to set aside a section of beach where owners can allow pets to run free.

Ciudadanos are organising their second Quedada Canina gathering for Saturday January 17 at mid-day in Plaza Benidorm. The party made its first request in December 2013 after collecting 1,500 signatures from owners calling for a stretch of one of Denia’s beaches to be made available for dogs.


“It’s obvious that our request was well-received by residents and many are pledging support,” Martinez said.

Only one modification to municipal by-laws was needed to make a “dogs allowed” beach possible and this required only political goodwill, she added.

Her party was concerned to ensure that Denia took into account “all the initiatives that residents consider to be important,” the councillor added.



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