Palma residents outraged over rubbish accumulation

flickr by Marcelo

THE increasing accumulation of rubbish and the overflowing rubbish bins in some areas of Palma have sparked off outrage among local residents.

“Palma is now one big rubbish bin,” said Coloma Ferrer talking to the media. “This is now becoming a common occurrence,” complained Toni Ballester, who lives in Molinar. This emblematic area of Palma is very dirty and it takes days before the rubbish bins are emptied, he complained.

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These are now all too common complaints in Palma, and the Christmas season – especially the Three Kings Day – made the problem much worse because of all the cardboard generated.

The service provided by Emaya is deficient, said neighbours and called on the municipal government to increase its workforce. They also criticised the antisocial behaviour of the people who throw rubbish on the streets.


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