Improvements to paediatric surgery in Alicante

shutterstock by Franck Boston

ALICANTE’S General Hospital has launched a paediatric operating room equipped with the latest technology.

Allowing doctors to specialise on operations on children under 15 years of age, it means young patients can be treated more locally for surgeries when previously they would be referred to Valencia.

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Manuel Llombart, Minister of Health, said the launch of the new operating theatre and outpatient surgery came at an investment of €460,000. Jerome Gonzalvez, head of Children’s Surgery at the General Hospital added: “So far, no other hospital in Spain has a facility of this kind in the field of paediatrics.” Through the use of the new equipment he said: “The reliability of the surgeon and patient safety is increased.”

The theatre is also equipped with video imaging allowing operations to be broadcast for viewing and educational activities.


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