The Chiangmai Thai Massage Centre Fuengirola


By Pete Woodall


THAI massage, quite different to other massage styles, uses unique techniques to induce a deep sense of well-being to a patient. Traditionally said to originate with the Buddha’s own physician, two and a half thousand years ago, Naud Phaen Boran Thai massage combines gentle stretching and manipula-tion, often with yoga like body positions. Using their fingers and thumbs, knuckles and palms, elbows and feet to penetrate, loosen and flex muscles along subtle energy lines within the body, a trained Thai masseuse can leave their patients feeling loose and relaxed for days.


The Chiangmai Thai Massage Centre in Los Boliches is operated by professional Thai masseuse Yupin Chancha. Yupin trained at the famous Watpo School of Traditional Medicine in Bangkok and went on to practise at the Chiangmai General Hospital and Four Seasons Hotel before moving to Europe. She has since worked at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid and the Asia Garden Hotel in Benidorm.

Her massage centre is a calm and peaceful place with three massage rooms laid out in traditional Thai style, the massage is quite a formal affair with the patient first changing into a loose pyjama. The benefits of full body massage are well known and greatly appreciated by many and there are many Thai massages to choose from.

Some for sport injuries or pain relief, general health and deep relaxation, facial or foot, even pregnancy. Others include the application of hot stones or heated compress pads containing herbs or aromatic oils.  All start with a cup of Thai ginger tea and none terminate with a sexual ‘Happy Ending.’ 

Different sessions, priced at around 45 Euros per hour, last between 30 minutes and two hours, Chiangmai gift vouchers are also available as presents and there is a loyalty card.

The centre is open from 11.00am until 10.00pm Monday to Saturday and on Sunday 2.00pm to 9.00pm.
Easy to find, apartment 2A, Edificio Miramar 1A, 53 Avenida Ramon Cajal, the main road between Fuengirola and Los Boliches, next to Repsol and opposite Mercadona supermarket.
For an insight with photos visit
Telephone 951 505 864 or 617 665 340.


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