Skeletal horses saved from horrific Granada breeding yard now in Rojales

SKELETAL: one of the horses rescued in Granada and now being cared for at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre

THE Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales has been involved in a major joint operation to rescue a group of severely malnourished horses and donkeys from a breeding yard in Granada.

One foal was found dead at the property, and other animals were allegedly moved before authorities could act.

Police were alerted to the case by Malaga-based donkey rescue charity El Refugio del Burrito, which teamed up with the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre to save the animals left behind.


At least four donkeys were taken into custody and El Refugio del Burrito then paid to truck four horses from Granada to Rojales: “They can’t just take the donkeys and leave the horses, every animal has to be removed if there’s a court order,” Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founder Sue Weeding said: “Basically, if we didn’t take these horses, all of these animals would be left there to suffer because the courts can’t hand them over to places that aren’t registered charities and there just aren’t that many registered charities around that take horses.”

The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre will now permanently care for the rescued stallion and three mares, all of which were all later found to be pregnant and are due to give birth soon. “You wouldn’t even know they’re in foal, they’re so thin,” Sue said.

It is understood police are pushing for prosecution.

For more information on the rescue centre call 652 021 980 or visit The centre is fully funded by donations and money raised through the charity shops. Open days are held every Sunday.


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