Killed her husband and reported him missing

Photo credits: juan50300 flickr.
CALATAYUD: Scene of the killing.

A WOMAN accused of killing her husband was detained by police in Calatayud in Zaragoza.

The 55-year-old went to the police on Wednesday (January 6) to file a missing person report saying she had last seen her husband – who was nearly blind and suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure – the day before.

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The police, however, became suspicious and sensed she was not telling the truth, because for one thing, the man would never leave the house alone.

The police conducted a thorough search in their neighbourhood and talked to neighbours and potential witnesses to determine if someone had actually seen him going out.

According to the woman’s alibi, she had gone to the doctor for a checkup early on the day of her husband’s disappearance and then gone shopping. Upon arriving home, she realised the man had left and taken €2,000 and a mobile phone. “She tried to sidetrack the investigators with incoherent information,” said the police.

While being questioned for the second time, the woman broke down, confessed to killing her missing husband and told police where she had hidden him.

The following morning, the police found the dead body where she said it would be: wrapped in plastic under a heap of firewood logs near her woodshed. They also found the gun allegedly used in the killing.


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