Jail call for YouTube attacker


A MAN whose alleged attack on a Spaniard of Asian origin on a Metro train in Barcelona was viewed more than a million times on YouTube is facing three years jail.

Prosecutors are demanding the sentence on an alleged neo-Nazi who they say is the man in the film assaulting a seated passenger in June 2014.

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The video shows a blonde man, whose face is pixellated throwing several punches at the victim, a Spanish national who was born in Mongolia, before he is dragged away by other passengers.

The video was originally posted on Twitter with Nazi imagery and a slogan saying “Always a patriot, white Europe.”

But if the idea of posting the video was to gain publicity, the plan backfired and gained a bit too much as it went viral. Many viewers joined a social media campaign calling for the aggressor to be identified and prosecuted.

Now police, who used YouTube to appeal for help in identifying the attacker, say they have their man.

Prosecutors in Cataluña have accused a man of hate crimes, and are asking for the jail term as well as €9,000 for the victim. The accused man is said to have used Nazi symbols and urged violence against ethnic groups as well as communists. He is also said to have declared the Aryan race to be superior.


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