Bring back the soapbox

HYDE PARK CORNER: Where you could say exactly what you wanted.

THE problem with scribing a column at this time of year means that, to meet deadlines, it can often be difficult to remain current. Forgive me if this suggestion is therefore, at the time of reading, (hopefully) old hat. With the incubation period of the dreaded Ebola being up to 22 days, is it not pure common sense to place returning health workers into quarantine?

These brave and obviously caring volunteers would I’m sure, have no objection at all to spending time in isolation, just to make sure they don’t become the source of an outbreak in their own country. Facilities could be made to see they receive all the comforts available and any visitors suitably protected.

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I would think that after such a stressful period, some may even welcome a complete break. A little breathing space – coupled with all the best attention, remuneration and goodwill a grateful nation would surely be only too happy to provide. I just hope by the time this piece is aired that, what to me is pure common sense, has been adopted and fully installed. Not however holding the breath.

One thing we really must overcome in this New Year is the fear of speaking the truth in case it ‘offends.’ If anything has stood out this year, it is the pathetic protests that have occurred when someone has stated the obvious. (Areas swamped by immigrants’ and so forth).

Many of these dissenters come from countries where free speech can be punishable by the heaviest of penalties, including death. We really must drum into the PCs and those who are offended by someone observing obvious facts, that the UK has advocated free speech for centuries and millions of our citizens have died to preserve that right. If we are frightened to even speak the truth, then we may as well turn the whole place over to those who would stifle and destroy our whole way of life. We cannot let these people win. If they can’t stand the heat they need to ensconce themselves in kitchens that they find more acceptable.

Personally I long for those wonderful Hyde Park corner days when anyone could, as long as they weren’t inciting a riot, stand up and, without fear of prosecution, say exactly what they chose.

When did that wonderful British institution get stopped? I can’t remember.

I do know however, that if our governmental hierarchies weren’t such lily livered wimps, Sundays in Hyde Park could still be as invigorating and indicative of our freedom as it always was. Bring back the soapbox I say. Dream on Leapy. Thanks for all your mail, shame we don’t have space to print them, but I do read every one. Keep ‘em coming. You know I can take it.

Peace and love to you all.

Keep the faith. Love Leapy



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