Picasso granddaughter selling work worth millions

Cordon Press.
Picasso painting Portrait de femme (Dora Maar) was recently sold in New York for €19 million.

PABLO PICASSO’S granddaughter is to sell off more than €240 million worth of his paintings and a villa in Cannes once owned by the famous Malaga born artist.

Marina Picasso – who has often claimed that her grandfather was cold and distant – is reported to be meeting with private buyers in Geneva, Switzerland in order to offload at least seven pieces of artwork that date back to 1911. According to the New York Post, Marina is also set to sell her late grandfather’s French estate, a villa in Cannes named ‘La Californie’. The home currently acts as a gallery and museum.

Marina is the daughter of Paolo Picasso, who is the son of Pablo and his first wife Olga Khokhlova. She has famously stated in the past that her grandfather never provided financial assistance to her family and that she grew up in poverty. Among the works she is selling are a 1923 portrait of Olga (€50 million) and a 1921 painting called ‘Maternite’ (€41 million).




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