Moroccan secret services help Spain


SPANISH anti-terror security forces have been getting help from the Moroccan secret services.

Agents from the North African country’s DGST security service have been operating in Spain in a bid to crack down on Islamist terrorism.

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The information they have gleaned has been used to keep tabs on people recruiting jor ‘jihad’ in the Middle East.

It is the first time that the Spanish authorities have admitted that Moroccan agents have been operating amongst the country’s sizeable expat community in Spain.

The majority of Islamist terrorists that have been detained and convicted in Spain have been of Moroccan origin, and seven of the 13 jihadists from Spain so far killed in Syria either in suicide bombings or under the flag of Islamic State (IS) were Moroccan nationals .

The secret service agents are said to have played a role in the recent detention of suspected jihadists in the Spanish African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla who were suspected of being en route to fight for IS in Syria.


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