Dog comes home six years after being stolen


A BRITISH family living in Alhaurin de la Torre got a very special – and pleasantly surprising – Christmas present recently when their beloved pet dog came home, six years after going missing.

Nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Ziggy was stolen during a robbery in Mary Buckley’s house back in April of 2009, along with laptops, cameras and other items. Ziggy was taken by the heartless thieves, leaving the Buckley’s distraught and worried for his safety. But on December 28 2014, Mary got a phone call out of the blue that would leave her stunned with delight.

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“On the Monday I got a phone call from a vet in Sevilla who had found a Yorkshire Terrier on the street and when he scanned his chip it turned out it was our little Ziggy,” said Mary. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s been nearly six years since Ziggy was stolen and we didn’t think we’d ever see him again.”

A friend went to collect Ziggy the next day, and when he returned to his beloved owners, it was instant recognition.

“As soon as he came back he recognised us straight away and went running up the stairs into the house,” said Mary. “He was in a right state and I’ve had to get him checked out at the vet. He was obviously looked after by somebody for all those years but maybe they abandoned him recently or something like that. He has a sore leg but we are nursing him back to full health and it’s like he’s never been away.

“I’m not sure if he remembers being stolen but every time we put on our jackets to leave the house he goes mad and wants to be brought with us. It’s so great to have him back and it just goes to show that you can never say never. It definitely made our Christmas.”



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