Still raving days after New Year’s Eve


MORE than 800 die-hard music fans were still celebrating New Year at an illegal music festival on Sunday night (January 4).

In total more than 3,000 people had descended on an isolated forestry airstrip at Benageber in Valencia for the New Year’s Eve rave that had been publicised via social networking sites.

But just one night of celebrations was not enough for many, with by Sunday night 800 fun seekers still on the site.


The party goers, many having come from Catalonia and France in campers and caravans, had to brave sub-zero temperatures in the forest where the rave was held. That did not seem to put them off though as the music continued in the isolated area.

The tiny municipality, population just 200, did not welcome the festival goers with open arms, with the authorities putting a series of traffic controls around the festival site on Friday. But they decided not to evict the music fans rather than escalate the incident, at which no trouble was reported, into something more serious.

The Guardia Civil set up road blocks and were checking the identity of participants as they left. Those identified could face penalties for illegal camping and lighting fires in a forested area.

By Monday morning it was reported that the festival was finally winding down, with around 200 revelers still on the scene, but the sound of music had stopped by noon

An Italian man, thought to be the organiser of the festival, could face fines of up to €90,000 as well as charges of disobedience to the authorities.


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