Sanchez responds to PSOE accusations


MARIBEL SANCHEZ, Councillor for Economics and Business in Huercal Overa, has responded to accusations by the PSOE that rules were changed to benefit her family. 

Answering accusations by PSOE leader for Huercal Overa, Don Antonio Lopez Olmo, she stated: “The PSOE and some supporters of that party have been responsible for several months for defamation of me and my office, claiming that the modification of the fiscal ordinance regulating the fee for the opening of establishments was held to benefit a relative of mine, in particular my father, by the removal of the opening rate of €20,000 for shops. This is completely false.”

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She went on to clarify the details, pointing out that her father’s business was smaller than those affected by the changes in the rules, specifically companies with premises of more than 700 square metres. Her father’s business is 550 square metres. Maribel Sanchez concluded: “I have to defend my honour and the truth, because not everything can be done politically, much less when some undermine the dignity of people using lies and slander.”


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