Man beats up his wife and opens fire on police

POLICE: detained a man who reportedly beat up his wife and fired a hunting rifle at the officers.

A MAN accused of physically abusing his wife and opening fire on the police has been detained by Guardia Civil officers.

Several calls were made to the police on Friday January 2 at around 9.45pm, reporting that a man was beating up his wife on Calle Joan Carle I in sa Pobla, Mallorca. When the Local Police and the Guardia Civil got there, the man – a 58-year-old Spaniard named Francisco – reportedly pulled a hunting rifle on them and opened fire, discharging his weapon at least 12 times.

The police took cover and fired back. One of the officers was reportedly injured by shrapnel.


The husband was arrested by the police after the shootout and now faces charges of attempted homicide, attacking police officers, and domestic violence. He was taken to the Inca police headquarters. It appears he had an expired hunting licence.

There are reportedly many people who have witnessed the violence the woman had been subjected to and it appears the verbal and physical abuse and the threats were not at all uncommon in the married couple’s life. The woman, however, is said to be reluctant to denounce her husband because she fears retaliation.


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