New Year in the city


NEW Year’s Eve was relatively quiet this year in Madrid, with just 54 alcohol intoxications, 24 fights and two serious injuries.

Emergency services in Madrid reported that Samur-Proteccion Civil medical staff attended 226 cases during the night, 54 of them involving people between 18 and 25 that had had too much to drink.

The only two serious injuries were suffered by men who fell, possibly due to having had too much to drink.


A 35-year-old man in the Tetuan district fell from a height of 10 metres while trying to climb in a window as he had shut his keys inside his flat. Luckily his fall was broken by an air conditioning unit.

The other man, aged 58, fell down a flight of stairs at a bar in the Usera district.

Meanwhile Madrid fire brigade had to answer 78 calls during the night, 58 of them fires of which 41 were in rubbish bins.

Municipal police answered 1,637 calls, 13 of them for fights and 277 complaints about noise.

Emergency services received 4,735 calls, double the number received the year before during New Year celebrations, although violence and traffic accidents are reported to have reduced.

Madrid City cleaners collected 24,000 kilos of rubbish from the Puerta del Sol area after the party.

A total of 104 people were involved in the clean-up campaign, which was carried out in just one hour and 10 minutes.


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