Hola Credito helps celebrate 3 Kings


Spain’s leading short-term loan company, Hola Credito, has been helping people enjoy this festive season without the worry of tricky financial planning. For those who give gifts on January 6 to celebrate Tres Reyes – the Three Kings – as is more usual in Spain, Hola Credito can offer flexible, short-term loans to help pay for gifts and the festivities.

Puerto Banus based Hola Credito (www.holacredito.com) uses personal assets as security for short- term loans, and can agree a deal within a couple of hours. Its fast, cost effective process using mainly email and telephone systems means that it has very low overheads, which it passes on to its clients. A €1,000 short-term loan, can cost from as little as €50 a month, and the interest is calculated on a daily basis so clients only pay for the number of days they have the loan. This also means it is a far more flexible loan than that of a credit or store card, or a bank loan.

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Hola Credito accepts personal assets like watches, gold and other precious metals and coins, all types of jewellery, and high-end cars and boats as security for loans.

Clients may either email Hola Credito (info@holacredito.com) with a picture of the asset they want to use as security, or telephone (900 123 457) for an appointment. The company’s highly-skilled team examine the asset, and a loan offer is made. As soon as the asset has been received the money can be transferred to the client’s bank, or paid cash-in-hand.

When this year’s festive season has finished, the Three Kings have visited, and presents have been opened, clients can pay the loan back as they can afford it, with far more flexibility than other types of loans.

Happy Three Kings from everyone at Hola Credito!


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