Atocha station bomb threat

Photo: Chris Tank (flickr)

MADRID’S Atocha Station was evacuated this Friday morning (January 2) after a man claimed to have left a suicide vest bomb on a train. It’s reported that the man threatened to blow himself up before he was arrested by police.

A bomb disposal unit was sent to the train station but Spanish media outlets say that no bomb was found. The station was closed to passengers as police made the area secure. The train arriving from Madrid’s Vallecas district was stopped 400 metres from entering the station following the man’s threats. He is reportedly North African in origin and police said that only a bottle of water was found in his backpack.

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The Atocha Station was the scene of a devastating terrorist attack in March 2004 when three bombs exploded on commuter trains in a coordinated attack. Ninety-one people were killed and 1,800 injured in the worst terrorist attack on Spanish soil.


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