Mouse delays flight

flickr by Martin Alvarez Espinar

A MOUSE caused a six hour delay to a Qatar Airways flight QR150 from Madrid to Doha.

The flight, which was due to take off from Madrid at 3pm, was delayed when passengers spotted the rodent running up and down the corridor.

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Passengers had to disembark and wait while the aircraft was fumigated. The mouse was subsequently found but safety measures meant passengers were not allowed to board the plane for a number of hours to avoid intoxication from the fumigation products.

Queues formed at the airline’s desks inside the airport demanding information as many passengers missed connecting flights to Thailand, Singapour and Bali due to the delay.
Three young people from Mallorca who were heading to Bali to celebrate the new year complained that they would lose an entire day as their connecting flight to Indonesia only left Doha once a day.

Qatar Airways meanwhile informed the passengers that they would cover costs resulting from the unexpected delay.



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