Taking a taxi could cost €1.50


THE Balearic Taxi Association is willing to offer cab rides at €1.50 per passenger in an effort to alleviate the lack of demand during the winter months.

The proposal was submitted to Palma Council. The taxis would cover some of the same routes as the EMT public buses in Palma and pick up passengers at the same designated stops until all the seats are taken.

Every passenger would be charged €1.50 regardless of where he or she is going. The taxi drivers had originally asked for a single €3 price, but later accepted cutting it in half. The service, however, would only be provided between November and April.


“No other city in the world offers a similar service as far as I know,” said Head of the Balearic Taxi Association, Antonio Bauza.

For the time being, Palma Council is reportedly reluctant to adopt the proposal because it could prove a direct competition to EMT buses.

“It is not about competition, but about offering people a better service,” said Bauza.


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