No future without love

EU DIRECTIVE: It has been suggested obesity be considered a disablement.

WITH the news of yet more toerag psychopaths screaming Allah Akbar while taking the lives of innocent human beings, I wonder what more atrocities lay in store for all of us in the year 2015. More misery, that’s for sure.

How can these people possibly believe that the violent, merciless, murdering message from their god will ever be accepted by peace-loving normal people? Of course it won’t, and never will be.

History is full of warring races who have tried to take over this planet through violent means. None have prevailed for long. There is no future at all for a human race without love. Love is the superglue of the spirit, both in its ethereal and manifested state; without it we are all empty shells. I have never heard one of these psychopathic toerags tell anyone they love their god or he loves them.


We should really feel sorry for these misguided souls, who are deprived by their religion of the one thing that truly binds us all together. Not me, I’m afraid, I’d like to see them all ‘martyred’, every last one of them. Can you imagine their god having to supply about a trillion virgins? The mind boggles.

To my mind one of the most ridiculous suggestions to surface this week was the EU directive that obesity should be considered a disablement. Did you ever hear anything as ludicrous as that!? How long would it be till the likes of the odious ‘White Dee’ or whole families are stuffing themselves with as much as they can get into their benefit gobbling mouths, merely to reach the weight necessary for yet another pillage of the public purse? Give us a break! Unless it’s some genuine metabolism disorder, most of them are fat and greedy, pure and simple.

Many of them gorge vast quantities of fattening products, dozens of eggs for breakfast, a half dozen hamburgers for lunch, along with chocolates, ice cream, and Lord knows what else they can stuff down. Disability benefits? I’d reduce the benefits most of them are already on, so they can’t afford to gorge themselves into obesity. If they can genuinely prove they have lost weight through discipline and dieting, they should be rewarded by receiving free time at health farms or spas. Rather the taxpayer footed the bill for these types of operation than making these people not only blameless for their situation, but putting them on a par with genuinely disabled people who are in no way responsible for their unfortunate positions. Makes my blood boil it does – but you probably gathered that!

Oh well. Happy New Year all. Especially to John the electrician who got me out of a whole heap of trouble recently and restored my faith in human nature. Cheers, John.

Keep that faith, Love Leapy 

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