More traffic on toll roads

INCREASE IN USE: Three per cent more vehicles travelled on toll roads this year.

THIS year toll roads will chalk up increased traffic for the first time since 2006.

According to ministry of Public Works figures, they have been used by an average 16,400 vehicles a day, approximately 3 per cent more than 2013’s daily 15,932 average.

Despite this increase, the volume of traffic on Spain’s toll roads is roughly the same as it was in the late 90s when there were 1,700 kilometres of paid motorways compared with the present 2,560 kilometres.


This is the outcome of an accumulated 33 per cent reduction since 2006’s daily average of 23,909 vehicles.

The predicted increase by the end of 2014 confirms the tendency that was detectible since the beginning of the year, with – apart from last March – toll road traffic slowly increasing each month.

Sources in the sector attributed the rise to a “more stable macroeconomic environment,” boosted by increased tourism and “favourable meteorological conditions.”

Toll charges will be frozen in 2015 for the first time in five years, while the ministry of Public Works also plans to reduce charges during off-peak hours on some motorways, following agreements with concessionary companies.


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