Lady Luck smiles on the Balearics Islands

Cordon Press

THE islands may have missed out on this year’s top prize in the El Gordo lottery, but part of the second and fourth prize went to ticket-holders in Palma.

The winning number for the second prize was called at 12.28pm and each holder of a 10th share of the winning ticket – 92845 for a prize of €1,250,000 – will take home €125,000. The winning tickets were sold at Carrefour General Riera and Coll d’en Rebassa, on Calles Passatemps, Porta Pintada, Luca de Tena in Palma, as well as in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Coruña, Tenerife, Almeria, Toledo and Pamplona.

Lady Luck also smiled on the holders of tickets 67009 and 07617, some of which were sold in Manacor, Arta and Llubi. Each winner gets €20,000 of one of the two €200,000 fourth prizes.


The first Spanish Christmas lottery was held in Cadiz on December 18, 1812, and has become so popular that about 75 per cent of Spaniards buy a ticket or a share of one.


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